Wednesday, May 19, 2010

I Lied.

I know I said I'd post again from Michigan, but from the looks of things I'd say I'm still in Texas. Sorry to disappoint you.
As it turns out, I had something else to blog about! I've been wanting to, but consistently forgetting to, and was just recently reminded to tell you about Shoved To Them.
Shoved To Them is the blog of a Catholic, home schooling mom of six great kids, who also happens to be a darn good writer. She's smart, witty and full of faith. Almost every post of hers makes me smile, and often laugh as well. The rare ones that don't have me thinking and being thankful.
The Mom is a great role model for those of us girls who hope to also be moms someday. Wait, let me try that again. She's just generally a great role model for all Catholic girls, whatever may lie in their future. If everybody had her faith and sense of humor, it'd be a much nicer world.

Here's the part where I turn mercenary. She's hosting a contest for an $80 gift card, and posting about it here may give me an extra chance at it. :-D You can enter too: all you have to do is publicly follow Shoved To Them. To turn it a little more to your favor, comment on her post about it and/or post on your blog about it.

Now that you know about that contest, I might seem like a suck-up. But I meant every single word. I hope The Mom never stops blogging, because her many followers would miss her terribly.

(and I won't deny it...I hope I get that gift certificate. XD)


aka the Mom said...

How incredibly sweet you are. I am so completely humbled by your kind words.

If it were up to me, your sucking up would have worked and the $80 would be on the way to you. Unfortunately, I have to use some random selection thingy.

You are a lovely young lady with a wonderful blog. I can't wait to see what happens next in your life.

Katie Marie said...

^^ naw, she's just a suck up. =P

JK JK i lov ya =)

aka the Mom said...

As much as I love accolades to myself, how about a new blog post?