Friday, June 26, 2009

Starting to get ready

Today we (finally) recieved stuff in the mail from the University of Dallas. You might remember that several months ago I applied to attend a summer program there, and was accepted. With the acceptance letter came a bunch of information about financial stuff, registration, etc. Then today we got another packet of info containing an agenda for the program, packing suggestions, where to get the reading materials, and so on and so forth.

Now that I have a more real idea of what it's going to be like, I'm getting pretty excited. It's going to fun, interesting, and new. It's basically going to be two weeks of a Catholic, liberal arts college; exactly what I want when I actually do go to college. I'm going to try to finish all the reading before I go, except maybe a few poems. Some of the stuff I've got to read includes The Taming of the Shrew by William Shakespeare, Oedipus Rex, or, Oedipus the King by Sophocles, Revelation by Flannery O'Connor, Plato's Republic (fun fun fun!) and the like.

So yep, can't wait to go to UD. The next couple of weeks before going will be interesting...I'll be very busy getting regular schoolwork done and preparing for the "college preporatory seminar". But still, I love the time right before you go on a trip somewhere, deciding what to bring and packing and agonizing over not forgetting anything and all that. There's an Anne of Green Gables quote that I can't quite recall where she says that the anticipation is almost as good as the actual event. I think I'll go find it and post it.....did I mention that I love Anne of Green Gables, the whole series?
How's that for randomness?

Saturday, June 20, 2009

New Blog Award!

I have made a brand new blog award. Behold!

Alrighty, I am awarding this to:
The Real Katie
Nine (+) Texans
Turwethiel MerilwenLink

Meet Larry!

This little fellow shows up whenever my hand touches pen to paper. Most of the time, anyway. Larry makes up most of my doodling, when I'm not drawing little hearts or stars or filling in corners.
Isn't he expressive? I love drawing Larry because you can make a bunch of the same faces, add different eyebrows to all of them, and voila! you end up with a lot of different expressions. Angry, surprised, annoyed, puppy-eyes. Except on that last one I added some tears, which didn't turn out too well. :-P

That's my artistic-ness for the day! :-D

Friday, June 19, 2009

Still slightly obsessed

As I type I'm listening to "Belle" from Disney's Beauty and the Beast. I'm singing along to practically every word, even Gaston's part. I actually just bought this song, as well as "A Whole New World" from Aladdin, another B&B song, and "Part of Your World" from The Little Mermaid. Could it be that I never really grew out of these movies?
Of COURSE I didn't! I'm a GIRL! I like princesses and romance and pretty music. Duh.
Oh no! The song ended. Excuse me while I go play it again.
Edit: ooh ooh! The other Beauty and the Beast song finished downloading! Yay! Listening to it now....

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

At last...

I have my room all to myself. Not that I don't like sharing it with my best friend and my cousin (who is also my godsister). But I have begun to wonder what my floor looks like without blankets and pillows everywhere.

Yep, The Real Katie came for a surprise visit, arriving on my birthday and leaving this last Saturday. Even though the surprise didn't quite go as planned, it was pretty much amazing. Here's what I mean about the surprise. The day she was supposed to come, I was sitting in the living room and Mom was in the office with door open, talking to Katie on the phone. I overheard her say, "OK, honey, Christopher [that would be Daddy] will meet you right outside security so you don't have to wait at the curb or anything."
I'm not stupid. I figured it out immediately. My lower jaw probably went clear through the foundation of our house, it dropped so.
And they had been planning this for months! And whenever Katie and I talked, I would ask if she had found "any cheap flights" to come and visit and she'd say, "Oh, well we're thinking I might come in August or something..." and I totally fell for it. That's my thespian friend. :-P

On the day before Katie's last day here, Ceci came. At least I knew about that one ahead of time. And we had a lot of fun too. I almost never get to see her, or any other family members on my dad's side, for that matter.
I even got Katie and Ceci for one whole day. As mom put it, I was "In my glory....with both my BFF and my godsister". Unfortunately, Katie and I were both sick to our stomachs on that day, but hey, it could be worse....I guess....
Last night Mom, Ceci and I had a fun girls' night out. We walked around downtown San Antonio, checked out some shops, ate dinner on the Riverwalk, had ice cream, and walked past the Alamo. To which Ceci's reaction was, "Omygosh it's so tiny!" Which makes sense. It does seem pathetically small when you hold it up to all the postcards and movies and history books that tell you the story (Remember the Alamo! Just had to say that).
Katie left on Saturday, and Ceci left today. I've been sharing my room for two straight weeks now, so I think I'll go remove the makeshift bed and clean up a bit. Sound good? Good.

OH and did I mention that Ceci taught me how to play Love Story on the piano? Up to the first chorus, anyways. Aawwesooome!




No pictures at present, there are some in my camera that will be downloaded at some point. Anyways, the story behind my obssessive raving is that Mom was driving down the highway this morning on her way to pick me up from TKD (ooh, I tested today! Got my gold belt. Anyways. Moving on.) and she saw three dogs walking along the side of the road. One mom and two puppies. The mommy dog was far two skinny and she her babies were just walkin' along the highway, probably minutes away from becoming roadkill. Mom saw that the mom looked starved and was obviously still nursing so she stopped the van and loaded in all three woofies.
So I'm at TKD, hanging around, waiting for my ever-late mother to come pick me up. The teacher, another student and one of the moms are talking. My mom pulls up, holds a small black puppy out the window, and says, "Anybody want a dog?"

We brought them home- each of us holding a puppy on our lap -and the kids went crazy over them. We had to leave soon after that to take my cousin/godsister Ceci to the airport so we left them home with Gracie, who gave them some food.

Mom left about hour ago to take them to the vet to have them looked at, just to make sure they're healthy and everything. Then I think...*think* we're going to deposit them in our neighbors' backyard until we can find homes for them.
So let me say this one more time.

Those puppies are


*sigh* I think I'm in love.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Party Pictures!

Pictures from my sa-weeeeet sixteen!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Another taggy thingy!

From Vicki.Link


Gimli vs. Trumpkin? Oh Trumpkin.

Gandalf vs. Professor Cornelius? Gandalf!

The White Witch vs. Saruman? White Witch. Note that I am making this decision based on who I think is more evil.

Gandalf vs. Aslan?
Aslan. Although Gandalf is still amazing!

Aragorn vs. Aslan?
Aslan again. I do love Aragorn, but I love Aslan more. :P

Narnia vs. Middle-earth? If I had to pick one of them to live in.....Narnia. I'm more familiar with it. :)

Prince Caspian vs. Frodo?

Susan vs. Arwen?

Edmund vs. Merry? Edmund! Yay!

Lucy vs. Pippin?
Again I side with the Pevensies. Pippin is great, but Lucy's cuter.

Peter vs. Haldir?
I don't know Haldir all that Peter. Although his ego problems tick me off at times, he's not so bad underneath. He is the High King, after all.

The Dancing Lawn vs. Lothlorien?

Centaurs vs. Elves?
It's a draw.

Peter's sword vs. Anduril?

Susan's magic bow and arrows vs. Legolas's bow of the Galadhrim? can't I have both?

Wargs vs. Werewolves? Werewolves.....wargs are bigger and uglier.

Orcs vs. Hags?
Hags.....way more scary. (That's a good thing.)

The White Witche's castle vs. the Tower of Barad-dur?
The Castle

Gryphons vs. Eagles?

Uruk-hai or Telemarines? Telmarines

Catapults or Oliphaunts? Oliphaunts

Cair Paravel or Rivendell? Cair Paravel!