Sunday, February 13, 2011

What Is This "All Grown Up" You Speak Of?

(Oh, hi there. Remember me? Yes, I'm still alive. I'm kinda like an embarrassing story from your childhood... I just keep coming back.)

So, I'm graduating high school in a few months, around the same time I turn 18.

Wait, what? EIGHTEEN?! That can't be right! Whose idea was this?

Oh... yeah.

Well, apparently turning 18=Entering adulthood. Then there's that whole "off to college" thing.
Oh, shoot.

This is a problem. I am NOT ready to be All Grown Up. Not even close. There are too many important things I have to learn how to do first! The following, most importantly.

1. Drive. That's right, I don't even have my learning permit yet. Just haven't gotten around to it. That's #1 on my to-do list for from now until August. That and graduate, obviously.

2. Talk to people. I am perfectly serious, folks. Misleading as the brilliant written eloquence you are currently witnessing can be, I am slightly on the introverted (or unsocialized) side in "real life." I can't keep up a casual conversation/small talk with strangers or recent acquaintances to save my life.

3. Order coffee. I've been drinking coffee at home and at Starbucks for a few years now and still don't quite know the difference between a cappuccino, an espresso and a latte. As unimportant as I know that truly is, I think as a college student-to be who will most likely be downing pints of the stuff in the future I should figure that out at some point.

4. Manage my time better. Fairly self-explanatory, Mom could probably elaborate on it a bit more if you're all that curious.

So you see, now matter how close I am to it biologically, I really shouldn't be classified as "grown up" until I've gotten these skills more firmly under my belt.

...any tips?