Thursday, April 23, 2009

So, do you grow flowers?

(That's sort of an inside joke. Consider it an awkward silence-filler.)

So, quick update on life.

Grandma is here!

Mom, Dad, and Tristan are leaving tomorrow for Washington/Idaho. They're going to my cousin's wedding (the first of my cousins to marry) and my grandparents' anniversary party. While they're gone, Jack, Ian and Emma are all going to various friends' houses.

I'm testing next week for my yellow belt (TKD).

I'm writing a short story and might just finish it!

Tristan is officially walking. *gasp*

Mom cut Ben's hair. Doesn't sound very significant, but it is. Oh, it is! You see, if we let his hair get long enough it starts to curl. So up until yesterday he had nice hair right on the verge of curling adorably. Then Mom said, "Let's cut your hair, Benny. Do you want it really short?"
Yes, he wanted it really short, "just like cousin Gabriel" (who is in the Air Force).

She positively sheared him. The kid's so close to bald we've started calling him Charlie Brown.

Oh, thou curls! Where hast thou gone to?
Oh, thou mother! How canst thou live with thy guilt?
For to shear so sweet and lovable a head
Is crime worthy of such punishment
As oft is dreaded by the boldest
Of criminals!

(Did I mention that I've tackled another Shakespeare play? Julius Caesar this time, for school. I can almost guarantee you that by the time I've finished it, I'll find some reason to say "Et tu, Brute?" in a blog post. :-P)

Monday, April 20, 2009

Crafts by Katie and Emalee

The Real Katie and her friend Emalee have started a business selling the cool crafty stuff they make. Go them! I always wanted to do something like that.
So go check it out! They've only just started it so there isn't a lot of stuff yet, but there will be! I will definitely be buying something in the not-too-distant future.

Best of luck, girls!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Fish and Rose!!

Arg. Can't make it any smaller. Click on it to see the whole thing.

They're smarter than we think.

Ben got mad at Emma.
Emma's hands flew to her face and she wailed. He didn't hurt her half as badly as you might think by the way she was crying. Emma has, shall we say, a flair for the dramatic? Anyway, I took Benny aside and began to scold. In my extreme sternness I ordered that he apologize.
"Are you sorry for hurting Emma?"
"Are you going to go tell her that you're sorry?"

*Ben thinks for a minute*

"What happens if I say no?"

Sunday, April 12, 2009


Monday, April 6, 2009

So simple!

I was talking to my friend yesterday about the evolution theory. Neither of us believe it, of course. She told me that when she's talking to other people about it - people who believe it - she asks them, "If we're descended from monkeys, why are there still monkeys here?"
She said they usually take a while to think of an answer.

I don't know why, but this never occurred to me before. It's so simple! People just have to be stubborn. "I don't want to admit that there's a God, so let's think of ways to debunk Christianity by taking apart the story of creation," they say. They start with the Big Bang.
Nothing suddenly explodes.
Now there are various substances floating around which then become

Makes sense to me!
First of all, the human mind can't comprehend nothingness. It can comprehend darkness, but darkness is simply the absence of light. The reason we can't comprehend nothingness is because there was always God. Check that: there always IS God. Time doesn't exist for Him. We say He always was, is, and will be, but He often refers to Himself only in the present tense. The name He gave Himself to the Hebrews in the Old Testament was "I AM".
How'd I get on this subject again? Oh yes. Big Bang.
So you see? God was there. God is there. So where did the Big Bang come from? Now one might say, "God made the Big Bang happen." OK, let's think on that for a minute. I don't know exactly how the Bang is supposed to have worked, but somehow that doesn't sound right. Possible, I suppose....but what's the point? If we take as a given that God was always there and He created the world, why would we have the account of creation in Genesis that is clearly not the Big Bang, if He used the Bang? Why would it have taken this long for people to realize the true story of the world's beginnings?

OK, I think that takes care of creation. Moving on to evolution.
There are some kinds of evolution that can be accepted. It is true that over years and years, certain animals have changed to adapt to their surroundings. But that is change in body only. Man has a soul. Qualities of the soul are free will, the use of reason, a conscience, and an advanced intellect by which we can use what we already know to discern that which we don't. How can these things be gained through evolution? People in a sound state of mind know the difference between right and wrong. Monkeys and other beasts of the earth don't. They don't need to. There really isn't right and wrong for them. There is simply survival and instinct. It makes no sense to think that simple animals can evolve to have the same kind of mind and soul we have.
Now, Fr. Laux brings up a possibility that is definitely to be considered. What if God shaped Adam by evolving him from an animal, and when the man's body was finished, God then breathed into him a soul (and all that other stuff). It would explain all the similarities in skulls and skeletal set-up (and my little brother's monkey-like behavior). This is a compromise the Church is willing to accept; it does not oppose any doctrine.
Why would God do it that way? Not a clue. But, you've all heard it before: The Lord works in mysterious ways.
Then again, there's the question my friend brought up... now I'm confusing myself... you, dear reader, can take it from here.

Well, this has been fun. I didn't even plan on posting all that. I was going to stop with "It's so simple!" but the train of thought kept chugging on and I was enjoying myself far too much to slow down. I hope it isn't too randomly thrown about. I wasn't really trying to write a formal essay, although sometime I probably will....


An ice cream truck passed by about half an hour ago. Didn't quite catch that? Let me say it again.


We N-E-V-E-R see the ice cream truck around here. It comes approximately twice a year.
And the best part?
It's Lent. And not just Lent, but Holy Week. Most penitential time of the year. Which is great.

It's just really sad that the ice cream truck had to come, of all times, during Holy Week.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Sisterhood Award

I have been awarded the Sisterhood Award!

LinkBy, guess who? My very own...... MOM!! Thank you Mom!

Now passing this on to.....

Katie! My BFF since 1st grade and constant partner in crime, we've always known that we're twins separated at birth. I want to be her when I grow up. Here ya go, sistah!

Serendipity! A great Catholic girl who's into acting and fairytales. I don't know if you read my blog, Serendipity, but you should know me from all the comments. :-D

Bridget and Lantaaaa! The random and profound evil twins! You guys are so great and you make people smile. Hugs!