Thursday, December 25, 2008


Merry Christmas! And a merry one it is! Everyone is happy with their gifts, especially the big family present....
A Wii!!!!!!
I'm soooo excited, and not just about the Wii. What's a video game to a good book?
Because the first thing I opened (besides dumping out my stocking) was the long coveted Fairy Tale Novels series!!! *jumps up and down ecstatically*
It's a day for exclamation points!!!
I know it's annoying. Cut me some slack; it's Christmas!
I also got a $50 gift card for Ross
A pretty brown shawl/scarf thing which I loooovvvee and will wear it forever
And ever.
A pertyful tote bag
A radio/clock/iPod speaker!!!! The radio part has crummy reception because I can't find the blasted antenna which is supposed to be on there somewhere. Oh well. It's got this cool remote that controls the tuning and the volume and play and pause and everything! aahh!(!!)

All the gifts I gave to people seem to be a success. Mom likes her ornament, Dad enjoyed the Gummi Bears, Hannah likes the bookmark and Katie still hasn't read the book but she will, and she'll love it and re-read it and re-re-read it and so on.... Sarah had better like it too. :P

SOOO now that I'm done raving about my Christmas presents you can get off my blog and go enjoy yours.

Feliz Navidad!
Merry Christmas!
I'm too lazy to look it up in 5 other languages. Oh well!

Wishin' You the Best!
-A Very Happy and Book-Crazy Katie

WAIT!!! I forgot something.... the toothbrush! How could I? Yes, I got a toothbrush! But sadly it (unlike Ben's) does not play 2 minutes of Indiana Jones themed music :(
You can go now. :-D

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

My Beloved Reader(s)!

You thought I was going to say "Merry Christmas" didn't you? Aha! I know everything. Says who Santa's got a crystal ball, or elf spies? OK, so he does. But when they fail who do you think he comes to? Yeah. That's right. But don't worry, I already put in a good word for ya'll with Kris. Except Katie. (I'll explain some other time)

So, when Christmas rolls around, my sisters, our friends and I go caroling! People seem to like it. Nobody's covered their ears yet, anyway. Because it's South Texas, we always sing "Feliz Navidad". :-D Along with the traditional carols like "Rudolph," "Silent Night," "Jingle Bells," and "Away In A Manger," on which the little kids get a solo for the first verse.

There's a house in our neighborhood that, when all lit up, would absobloominlutely (my new favorite word!) blow your mind. There are at least fifty trees with lights wrapped around the trunk, 7 or 8 of those smaller "trees" that are just lights strung down from a pole, one BIG one, and innumerable light-up decorations, from snowmen, to a Christmas train, to lit-up characters from the old Rudolph movie. There's a sign (or two) that says "Santa's Workshop" and on the front porch and enormous throne (this things has gotta be 4 feet wide, arm to arm) where on Saturday nights the creator of this LED masterpiece dons his beard and suit and the kids of the neighborhood go see him. He gives out candy canes and sells food for a charity. We carolers stopped there (how could we not?) and sang for "Santa" (who no, was not dressed up as such). We sand a song we hadn't done yet; "Santa Claus Is Coming To Town". Aren't we so clever and cute? He loved it and said "Hold on, I'm gonna go grab my camera. I want to take a picture of you all." He pulled out the chair, us three older girls sat on it (we actually fit!) and everyone else posed around it. "Great!" he said. "By the time you guys get home, this picture will be on my website,"
"Yay! We're famous!"
Then he gave us a bag with 10 or so boxes of candy canes in it, saying that he had tons. Wowww...
So, you want to see the picture? You're dying to see the picture. There's no use denying it.

From left to right:
Emma (my sister), Grace (my sister), me, Kainah and Becca (Kainah's the older one), Hannah, and Levi.
Go to to see his website.

Mi familia is going to Midnight Mass tonight/tomorrow so I need to go make sure I have everything ready.

Now I'll say it!

May you receive and give such gifts,
As can't be found under a tree,
May the Little Babe bless you with the shining ornaments,
Of hope, faith and sweet charity.
Merriest of Christmases!
God bless!

-Katie :)

Friday, December 19, 2008

I joined a website called It's for homeschoolers and homeschool graduates to post things they've written and read other people's writings. Go here:
to see my profile. I sent in four things already, but they won't be posted until reviewed for approval. Look around, there's some great stuff on the site. Some really good/creative/smart/funny writers.

Merry Christmas!
-Katie :)

Monday, December 15, 2008

You Won't Find This

Another song meme. Funness...

1. Put your iTunes on shuffle
2. For each question, press the next button to get your answer.

2) WHAT WAS YOUR CHILDHOOD LIKE. . . Enchanted Suite
3) WHAT DO YOU LIKE IN A GUY/GIRL... Change (huh?)
4) HOW DO YOU FEEL TODAY?... Last Name (for anyone who has heard this song... that's downright creepy)
5) WHAT IS YOUR LIFE'S PURPOSE?... Multiple Jacks (soo... Davy Jone's Locker? No thank you!)
7) WHAT DO YOUR FRIENDS THINK OF YOU?... Granuaile's Dance
8) WHAT DO YOU THINK ABOUT VERY OFTEN? Jesus Take The Wheel (that would be nice if I thought about that more)
9) WHAT IS 2+2? The Voice
11) WHAT DO YOU THINK OF THE PERSON YOU LIKE?... Desert Rose (uh...? hellooo!)
12) WHAT IS YOUR LIFE STORY?... Tied Together With A Smile (omm. *cries* that sounds incredibly depressing)
13) WHAT DO YOU WANT TO BE WHEN YOU GROW UP? ...Who Says You Can't Go Home
14) WHAT DO YOU THINK WHEN YOU SEE THE PERSON YOU LIKE? The Little Drummer Boy (*dies of laughter*)
15) WHAT DO YOUR PARENTS THINK OF YOU? Jesu Joy of Man's Desiring (okaaayyy...)
17) WHAT WILL THEY PLAY AT YOUR FUNERAL? The Swordfight (from POTO. that's hilarious)
18) WHAT IS YOUR HOBBY/INTEREST? ... The Rising of the Sun (yeah, me who sleeps until 8:30 am)
20) WHAT'S THE WORST THING THAT COULD HAPPEN? Gone (that's a little scary...)
21) HOW WILL YOU DIE? Medley: Why Have You Brought Me Here/Raoul I've Seen Him (oh no! I'll be killed by....THE PHANTOM! *cue music* It's already been proven by my funeral music anyway)
22) WHAT IS THE ONE THING YOU REGRET? ... Ready, Set, Don't Go
23) WHAT MAKES YOU LAUGH? My Angel (haha that's just funny in a random way)
24) WHAT MAKES YOU CRY? Think Of Me (hehe)
25) WILL YOU EVER GET MARRIED? Starts With Goodbye (that does not bode well)
26) WHAT ARE YOU SCARED OF? Where Is Your Heart (what the cupcake?)
27) DOES ANYONE LIKE YOU? Robert Says Goodbye (I'm confused.)
29) WHAT HURTS RIGHT NOW? The Christmas Song (rofl)
30) WHAT WILL YOU POST THIS AS? You Won't Find This

Sunday, December 14, 2008

'Tis finished!

A couple of you knew that Grace (my nine year old sister) has been writing a story. She finished it tonight! She is very proud of herself and happy. So am I. I helped a little, I was her official "editor" which means I corrected grammar and spelling, etc. In one or two places she accepted an idea of mine. Mostly I just got her to add some description. She did pretty much all the work herself, with few spelling mistakes and pretty good grammar for a kid not yet ten. And the names! I go nuts over "Henry Ashcastle". It's even better then "Fitzwilliam Darcy". *shock* But seriously! "Henry Ashcastle"! Official Best Fictional Character's Name EVER.

I think she is well on her way to becoming a famous writer, Nobel Prize-winning naturalist, and champion barrel racer. Here is the story.

The Demon Scarab

Professor Henry Ashcastle was a young entomologist. He was working in the lab when his friend, Prof. Ralph Shrift, walked in with a package which contained some new species, including a nine-inch scarab from Mongolia. After many weeks of studying the giant insect they finally named it Magnae scarabaeidae (great scarab). As soon as they had all the information they needed, Prof. Shrift went to mail it to the museum. He was going out the back door of the laboratory when the box started to vibrate. He saw black wings covered with emerald shining thorns. Suddenly, there was a blood curdling shriek. Upon hearing this horrific sound, Henry rushed outside to find that the box was empty and that Professor Shrift had vanished. He put on his coat and brought out his horse. He rode down the dirt road and into the streets, frantically asking people if they had seen a giant beetle with a man about thirty. But just as you might think, they all thought he was crazy. He rode up to a barn and sat down on a hay bale. After a few minutes he heard yelling from inside the barn. He took out his pocket knife and rushed inside. To his surprise he saw Professor Shrift lying on the ground. There was blood on the top part of his left sleeve and his face was pale.
"Ralph, thank goodness you're all right! What happened?" said Henry. " I am not really sure" said Ralph.

Henry helped his friend out of the barn. He looked down the road and saw a cab driving up. As it was driving past the barn, Henry signaled the driver to stop. He payed the man and helped Ralph inside. Ralph sat down and told the driver to take him to the York Motel and Suites. Henry said that he would take his horse. Noticing the blood on Ralph's shirt the driver asked, "Is everything all right sir?" Afraid he might think them crazy, Ralph skipped the story and just said, "Yes, thank you." After he got there Ralph got up, stepped out, thanked the driver and went to the stable where he met Henry tying up his horse. They went inside the building up to Henry's room. They sat down on the sofa and were silent for many minutes. Then finally Ralph spoke up. "Maybe I should change my clothes." Henry walked up to his dresser and pulled out a white shirt with a grey checkered vest. "Here, take these. While you get dressed, I am going to go down stairs to get a cup of coffee," he said. When Henry was back up stairs Ralph had changed and was sitting on the sofa. Henry sat down in a rocking chair in a corner in the room. "Do you have any idea what happened?" asked Henry.

"Well, I was on my way to the mail box when the box that held the beetle almost seemed to be moving. And then I saw what looked liked a cross between a flying lizard and dragonfly and it had sharp fangs. Then I found myself in a dark room and I kept hearing these awful sounds. Something sharp hit me on the arm. And then I saw you standing in the doorway of an old barn." said Professor Shrift.
"The beetle could not have possibly been that demon you say you saw," said Ashcastle.
"Let's just take our minds off the subject for awhile," said Ralph. But Henry could not just take his mind off the subject. "Meet me here tomorrow morning at seven. We are going to look for the insect. I just hope that it does not do anything before then," he said. Ralph cleaned up his arm and left. Henry changed into his nightclothes and laid down on the bed. He could think about nothing but the scarab and if it really was this awful creature his friend was talking about. But eventually he went to sleep.

He and Ralph were walking through a field. All the grass was dead and the sky seemed grey. Then they herd something that sounded like the sound a fork makes when scraped across a plate. They paused. Then suddenly a demon with wings and white froth around its mouth was on top of Henry, snarling and showing its vile teeth. "Ralph!" he screamed. "Ralph!" He woke up, and rubbed his eyes, desperately trying to reassure himself that it was all just a dream. Then he looked at the clock. It said 6:33.
"Well, I had best be getting ready," he said, sitting up in bed. He got out of bed, changed his clothes, picked up his coat and went downstairs where he met Ralph Shrift, who was standing outside. It was cloudy and chilly. In the distance Henry could see the fog like a grey sheet over the English countryside. "Perhaps we should take along a revolver or a knife. I always do when I go down there," said Henry.
"Go down where?" asked Ralph.
"Why, to the pine woods at the bottom of the hill of course!" answered Henry, as if it were obvious.
"I am not going into those woods," said Ralph.
"Why not? What better place for a demon to hide than a dark wood!" said Henry excitedly. "Exactly!" said Ralph.
"Please Ralph," asked Henry.
"Has it attacked you yet?" said Ralph angrily. "Well no, but what do you think would happen if I went alone and it did?" said Henry. "It would be your own fault," answered Ralph.
"Well that is why I am bringing my pocket knife. Do you have a gun of any kind?" asked Henry.
"Yes, I believe I have some pistols in a chest in the attic," replied Ralph. "Let us go get them," said Henry.

Before they knew it they were riding down the hill with pistols at their sides. as they were nearing the woods the two horses suddenly reared, throwing the men to the ground. Henry looked up; The Demon was approaching at a low glide. Henry leapt to his feet. He picked up his pistol that had fallen out of his holster when he fell off his horse. Staring straight at the beast, he fired. It hit the beast in its side. The creature weakened but did not stop. It was within twenty-five feet of him when Henry fired again. This time he hit it in the chest. It took a few more steps, then collapsed, dead. Ralph stood up. "Henry, you're the bravest man I ever met," said Ralph. After taking The Demon back to the laboratory they compared the beast's blood with the beetle's in every way, many times. It matched. "Its impossible!" exclaimed Ralph. "But it's true," said Henry. "Now let's get back to work." So they did, as if nothing had happened.

The End

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The Comment Challenge

I am going to have a little fun with you guys (and see how many of you still read my blog hehe). Let's see how you do.



You are bound to do.... THE COMMENT CHALLENGE.

Choose any post on this blog, any one at all, and post a long comment. I mean long. At least 6 sentences.

In your comment you must include at least three of the following words:


And no, you can't just randomly say them. They must be used in a sentence, which must relate in some way, no matter how minimal, to the post on which you are commenting.

(...and the judges' decision is FINAL.)

Have fun! ^_^

Monday, December 8, 2008

Trying to teach manners to a two-year-old

Katie: *holding a bottle* What do you say?

Lucy: Please.

Katie: *hands bottle to Lucy* Now what do you say?

Lucy: Please...

Katie: Nooo, thank you.

Lucy: Oh. Thank you.

Katie: You're welcome.

Lucy: You're welcome.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

I discovered a Jane Austen novel I never knew existed! So of course within days of this hugely important finding, I went and got the book. I'm actually listening to it. I downloaded it off of LibriVox ( Which, by the way, is absolutely free. Not bad, right? It's how I read (or listened to, whatever) Emma and Northanger Abbey. This one is called Lady Susan. It seems to be really unknown. I found out about it from that quiz several posts down (looking at "view all results" to see which heroines the quiz covered). It's about Lady Susan Vernon, a selfish, scheming woman, and it's written in epistolary form (letters from various people to each other- really interesting way to write a book and Austen makes it work very well). So far it's good, but Lady Susan herself is absolutely awful. She actually says to her friend that her daughter is stupid. She puts her in a private school in London, not thinking that she'll actually learn anything (too much of a dunce) but to put her in a miserable situation so that she'll HAVE to accept the guy her mom wants her to marry. Who appears to also be a simpleton. Meanwhile, Lady Susan is cleverly manipulating the emotions of her in-laws, with the purpose in mind to humiliate them and show them her "superiority". Wow.

So it promises to be very interesting. Several different characters, all with a different view of what's going on. That's the cool thing about the epistolary style in which it's written; you get everybody's side of the story from their viewpoint and with the influence of their likes, dislikes, and prejudices. So yup! Neat stuff.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Exerpts from my life.

Real life. Real people.

(in a Gollum-like voice) "I love holy water! It makes me a good boy!"
-Ben, age 5

"Why are you fighting about something as worthless as what you ordered the first time you went to Chili's?"

"I'm not lousy, I'm LUCY!"
-Lucy, age 2

"Check it out! I've got a mustache! haha! I'm a MAN! I have facial hair!"
- Jack, age 14

This has been an inside look at what it's like to live at Katie's house. Stay tuned...