Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Worlds? What is this Worlds you speak of?

You don't seriously mean to tell me that I'm leaving on Monday to go to Worlds?
Oh, wow.

We've been talking about and preparing for Worlds for a while, but it didn't fully sink in for me until a couple of days ago when we were discussing what to bring. Hearing again of the inconveniences of campus living brought back all sorts of memories...most pleasant, some not. Later we were looking at pictures from both of the high school team's previous Worlds trips. All this finally brought home for me the fact that yes, this next Monday I will climb into a car, books in hand, and embark on a road trip that will take to me to good old Michigan (having been to Michigan before and having some friends there, I feel perfectly entitled to say "good old" with it) and Worlds.
First of all, I can't wait to see MSU again. It's such a nice campus, much much bigger than the smaller size that I'm used to at UD. Michigan is a gorgeous place, and parts of the campus resemble a park.
I'm also beginning to remember things about Worlds itself. I'd forgotten exactly what it was like, and now it's all coming back. It's practically a different culture, where everyone is an OMer and pins are the preferred currency. You're surrounded by people from different countries, and although many of them speak English well, you may learn a few new words in another language.

And while we're going to have an incredible time, let us not forget the competition. This year we seem to have a pretty good shot at placing, or at least placing much higher than in previous years. I don't expect first place or anything....just like in the Olympics, there are certain countries that everybody knows will do well in certain things. The Poles? OWN the vehicle problem. However, I'm sure we'll do well, and maybe, just maybe, even get a Ranatra Fusca! Now that would be awesome. A Ranatra Fusca at the Worlds level is about as prestigious as it gets.

It looks like Worlds snuck up on me. Today I thought I had better write a list of stuff to take with me, and a long list it was. Hopefully I'll remember everything. I've been getting better at that lately, but still, a relapse could occur. While I keep my fingers crossed, I'll be looking ahead to the awesomeness that is Worlds. Next time you hear from me, I'll be in Michigan, tired but excited, trying to make you all jealous of how much fun I'm having.
See you then!

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