Saturday, October 9, 2010

The SOTB Artfire Store

You've probably heard about the independent student-run production of the film The Shadow Of The Bear. And if you haven't, you should check them out.

Well, they've wrapped up filming, and now it's time to edit. Problem is, the editing software they need is quite expensive and remember, so far everything for this film has been paid for out of the director's and actors' pockets. So some crafty, artistic fans came up with a great idea to raise money. As it turns out there's a website called Artfire that provides people with an opportunity to sell their own handmade items. So the SOTB Artfire store was born!
They have cozy scarves, handmade soap, gorgeous and unique jewelry and more! All of it is reasonably priced and it is all handmade. 100% of all profits go to the movie. I've purchased three items and am perfectly happy with them. The Celtic knot heart earrings are my new favorite pair, the cable knit scarf is great and I can't wait for a chance to wear my rose headband. So go on and check it out. You get something you like, and your money goes to help out some hard-working people finish up this great movie; it's a good deal all around!

One last thing: let's have a round of applause for the talented young ladies that put so much time and care into this. You girls rock!


R. A. said...

I had been admiring those Celtic heart necklaces! XD
I bought a pair of golden snitch earrings and a golden snitch necklace, and they are positively amazing!

The Original Katie said...

I want the key bracelet!!!